The “Provenzano” farm is situated in a rich and fruitful plain in a country area known as “Bosco Falconeria” that is 200 m high above the sea level and not far from Palermo.

The extra-virgin olive oil that is made by the firm “E’...” is extracted from a fruit which is grown by the owner of the farm Mr. Vito Provenzano.

After the phases of pruning, washing and pressing the extra-virgin olive oil “E’...” is stored in stainless steel containers and is bottled only at the moment of orders.

Today, after three generations of good farmers and clever landowners, the whole Provenzano Family, Mr.Vito, his wife Concetta and his two sons Gioele and Daniele, grow hundreds and hundreds of olive trees from which the extra-virgin olive oil “E’...” is produced.

The name “IS” has been chosen by Mr. Provenzano for several reasons:

  • Extra-virgin olive oil IS one of the oldest and most precious elements of the Mediterranean diet and cuisine.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil IS highly healthy as it is rich in active principles, noble vitamins and natural anti-oxidizers that prevent the ageing of cells , several diseases from allergies to hepatic and cardio-vascular damages. If has an antitumoral effect , too.

The world “ E’…” aims at underlining the high quality of this oil that is confirmed by Sicilian tradition and by some proverbs as “chissu è ogghiu!!!”. The “IS” extra-virgin olive oil is a DOP (a Protected Designation of Origin) product. It is a higly quality light green coloured extra-virgin olive oil with a penetrating aroma, and a fruit and harmonious taste Excellent for all the recipes, a daily ration of oil of olive helps to prevent several illnesses.